I have a few favorite potters that I follow and today I would like to share Lisa Naples of Doylestown, Pennsylvania. She is a Earthenware potter & sculptor. She does whimsical illustrated pieces that tell a story.  A technique I am always drawn to.  I admire her work and hope to take her workshop one day.

I took up Earthenware this year, quite different than the Porcelain I use in the majority of my work.  I sent Lisa a email with a few questions.  I was bowled over when she returned with an actual phone call!  Saying it was faster to call than type. Such a sweet person and eager to help other potters.  Since that time I have purchased a few items from her, not being able to restrain myself any further.  I often buy cups from other potters that inspire me.  Lisa inspires me to the extent a cup was not enough.  I went for the goat mug,  a goat in the kitchen, how unusual!   I also added her cute bird creamer to my collection.  I find myself using Mr Goat most often for my morning coffee and the creamer is the best size for filling the coffee machine with water and has a permanent place in my kitchen window with a view of the bird feeders!  See them below.  You can check out her other work at www.


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