Spring Forward: Spring?

I can not believe I have not posted since July.  I am so sorry, shame on me.

Here in the Pacific Northwest we have experience a menu of weather conditions,Snow, Ice, Wind, Rain, Hail, you name,  it we got it. Not on the same day of course, or did we?

But now: Spring Forward??  What the heck!

I have been busy, but not busy enough.  The winter keeps me out of the studio, too cold even tho I do have a space heater, when the temps drop in the 30’s & below, the heater can not keep up and I lose interest in working in the studio.  A time of reflection! What to do next? Explore with design.  New designs.  Even the popular ones need a refresher!

I started a new Honey Bee design, I will post pictures here.  I was feeling really bad about our bee situation and the disappearing of bees.  It isn’t just talk, it is true, our bees are disappearing and it is a good idea to purchase bees from the garden center this spring and set them loose.  Ah, well I am no expert so lets talk to the Nurseries about this.

Altho I do paint bees in some of my floral pieces, I created a Bee design to hopefully bring attention to Bee’s.  They are our friends.  They do not all sting and we shouldn’t scream and run away.  The Honey Bees’s are the answer. I am having fun with that.  Have a few pieces finished and more on my work table coming to life.