Sneek Peek

Sneek Peek, ‘Meanwhile, down on the Farm’ series.  A new piggie ‘Oui Oui’. This time adding sky an clouds.  For some reason I can not paint on one side of Mug, or any piece for that matter,  and leave the rest of the piece blank.  There has to be a story in my pieces.  In this case he is surrounded by fluffy clouds on a clear warm spring day, enjoying him/her self. (you be the judge) 🙂

A second Lamb, Talking to herself Baa, Baa,  in the same pasture, hoping she gets her shearing soon, for a cool summer to come.  I could not make this one look like my first Lamb.  Such as it is in hand painting, I can’t seem to do the same design twice.  That makes it one of a kind.  Hope you enjoy