I have been so engrossed in making product, I have been neglecting you all with newsy posts.  A year ago I was invited to join my daughter & granddaughter on a educational tour of Belize.  It was in the works all year and now it is time to go.  Having spent the winter testing new products & experiments. The past few weeks have been getting things thrown, decorated & bisque fired in prep for my return home from the most awesome vacation.  It will be time to finish work started for my first summer show in three weeks time.  For locals: Grapeview Water & Arts Festival at Grapeview Marina, Near Allyn WA. I will post more info later on.  I am posting a few new pieces and colors that I have been experimenting with.  Comments greatly appreciated,

I am in Raleigh NC, joining up with relatives,  with a flight tomorrow to Atlanta and from there on to Belize.  I hope to gather some inspiration for new pieces.  Till next time……..



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