The end of a year in Pottery

December already.  I don’t mean to sound like a broken records here. (Millennials won’t know what I am talking about here, maybe their grandmother said that off and on).  It seems every blog I am saying: how did it get to be this date, this month, this year, etc.

Well 2018 is not over yet.  I have one more show this weekend and it is the end of shows for me until spring.  I have had a very good run with the many shows I have been so fortunate to be a part of.  My newest show adventure was the Bainbridge Island WA Studio Tours.  2 tours, Summer and Winter.  They were both very great locations and lots of activity.  I will plan on going again next season.

In the meantime, my last show I mention is in Chimacum WA, a very long running holiday show second weekend in Dec .   Saturday Dec 8,  & Sunday Dec 9   10am–4pm.

Chimacum High School,  91 West Valley RD. Chimacum WA. 98325

After all that,  I will be spending the winter designing new products and designs.  Any suggestions you would like to offer?  I am all ears, or excuse me, all eyes!

I thank all of you who support me by keeping me busy, who  come and find me at various shows, and I get some of my best ideas from you.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy  Hanukkah,  And Happy New Year

Keep safe in your travels.


Side Door Pottery