My pottery is mostly Hand Painted Porcelain, original designs.  Mid range firing, with occasional High Fire Wood firing. I have added a ^6Crystaline glaze to be my beautiful glaze for those that don’t desire illustration on their pottery. That glaze is in shades of aqua and yellow and is very well accepted. I may branch out to other colors too. Stay tuned,

My studio is at my home, I am not open to the public but share my work at Local Art shows,  Festivals, and Home shows.    If interested in my work, contact me for studio appointment or a private meeting.

Contact:    Linda Ricci, Owner Side Door Pottery


2 thoughts

    • Hi Dana, No I have not set up online yet, actually my website is messy right now because I changed some things and messed it up. I got frustrated so I stopped for awhile. Anyway there are some pictures on there, If you let me know what you might be interested in I would gladly make you a cup or I may have some still in stock. Thank you for stopping in and contacting me,
      Side Door Pottery


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