Most Images here are now sold.  I do too many to post each one individually.

The farm series are pigs, goats, chickens, cows, Llama, squirel and /or any animal you prefer, Please message me.  They vary per the painting day and I do not do them exact.

The same goes for the wild animal series.  I have done Giraffes, Elephants, Zebra and will move on to Lion, Tigers.  Do you have one in mind?  Message me.

I do a variety of flowers and birds.  Birch tree seasons.  I am working on a specific glaze that takes some time to create.  I will post pictures when they are ready.

Message me for shipping info,  or local delivery, questions or comments.

Just added more pieces on my blog.  If you see anything you like anywhere on this site, message or email me.  I would be glad to sell on line or take orders.  Any questions, ask me here.  Thank you for checking in.

Email: riccilv@wavecable.com
New designs: Bee Honey pots and cups, Farm Animals Mugs. Various other pieces available, I will be adding at random.