New Adventures

What have I been doing?

I have been dabbling in my Rabbits as of late.  The first design is a three photo look at how my plate “Catch me if you can” has turned out.  It is bisque fired and will still need the clear glaze over the top.  I have done this design once in the past, it was successful and a customer was asking for one.  Altho not exactly like my last one, close.  I rarely can do the same design twice, and that is why I like to paint them individually, no two are exactly alike.  That makes them individual one of a kind designs. The next picture  is a new design that just “showed up” on this undulated plate piece, I wasn’t sure how to decorate it.  Having just done a rabbit design, I carried the theme thru to the next one.  I have named this one “Jack & Vine”.  It carries the dark vines thru to the back side, I forgot to take a picture of that.




Spring Forward: Spring?

I can not believe I have not posted since July.  I am so sorry, shame on me.

Here in the Pacific Northwest we have experience a menu of weather conditions,Snow, Ice, Wind, Rain, Hail, you name,  it we got it. Not on the same day of course, or did we?

But now: Spring Forward??  What the heck!

I have been busy, but not busy enough.  The winter keeps me out of the studio, too cold even tho I do have a space heater, when the temps drop in the 30’s & below, the heater can not keep up and I lose interest in working in the studio.  A time of reflection! What to do next? Explore with design.  New designs.  Even the popular ones need a refresher!

I started a new Honey Bee design, I will post pictures here.  I was feeling really bad about our bee situation and the disappearing of bees.  It isn’t just talk, it is true, our bees are disappearing and it is a good idea to purchase bees from the garden center this spring and set them loose.  Ah, well I am no expert so lets talk to the Nurseries about this.

Altho I do paint bees in some of my floral pieces, I created a Bee design to hopefully bring attention to Bee’s.  They are our friends.  They do not all sting and we shouldn’t scream and run away.  The Honey Bees’s are the answer. I am having fun with that.  Have a few pieces finished and more on my work table coming to life.





Hello, thanks for stopping in.  July started with me in the studio early Saturday mornings, not to pack on my way to market, skipping that due to the 4th holiday and family from out of state here on vacation.  Family is the most important part of life, as we all know. The market will be there.  That is Port Orchard Farmers Market I speak of.

Port Orchard Farmers Market, Saturday Mornings, 9am-3pm, April – October.

After the holiday, I had unfinished business in the studio to finish.  Having that done another interuption.  My husband and studio supporter has gone off to Oahu with the job.  I talk to you today from the beaches of Hawaii, with my granddaughter Morgan as a travel companion.  I had to work this trip in between my art shows and her return to Virginia, so 10 days away thru July 26, leaving me three days to get ready for Grapeview Art & Water Festival. It is all worth it!

Upcomming shows:

JULY 30:   GRAPEVIEW WATER & ARTS FESTIVAL:  Grapeview Loop Rd, Fair Haven Marina, just past Allen , WA.  All you locals come out for a great time.                 Saturday, 10am-4pm

AUG 12-13    SUMMER GARDEN ART SHOW:  Presented by Anna Hoey & Delores Weir, Friday 12th  2pm-8pm, Saturday 13th. 10am-4pm,   5172 Minard Rd W., Bremerton Wa




Hello again,  I am glad you found my post.  It has been a few months since I took the time to talk to you. I returned from my travels to a bunch of unfinished pieces, which has taken my attention.  Finally finished, packed and some displayed at the Farmers Market.  The weather has not measured up to May.  Just as we got used to flip flops, shorts and t-shirts, with beautiful almost summertime, we are stuck with Juneuary.   June comes in to remind us we are living in the Pacific Northwest.  She will have it her way.

In the meantime, I have been working on porcelain pieces, Birch Tree Spring designs, Beach Poppy designs, and Asparagus plates.


Here I am at home again after a month long trip back east.  I am truly “April Fooled” coming home to a table full of work I must finish.  Here are a few pictures of what I will be tackling this week.  Blank canvas, how to decorate them? Carving? Painting? Hmmm, I was to get inspiration on my trip band I still am having creative block!  OK, Painting it is, my favorite to do.


I have a few favorite potters that I follow and today I would like to share Lisa Naples of Doylestown, Pennsylvania. She is a Earthenware potter & sculptor. She does whimsical illustrated pieces that tell a story.  A technique I am always drawn to.  I admire her work and hope to take her workshop one day.

I took up Earthenware this year, quite different than the Porcelain I use in the majority of my work.  I sent Lisa a email with a few questions.  I was bowled over when she returned with an actual phone call!  Saying it was faster to call than type. Such a sweet person and eager to help other potters.  Since that time I have purchased a few items from her, not being able to restrain myself any further.  I often buy cups from other potters that inspire me.  Lisa inspires me to the extent a cup was not enough.  I went for the goat mug,  a goat in the kitchen, how unusual!   I also added her cute bird creamer to my collection.  I find myself using Mr Goat most often for my morning coffee and the creamer is the best size for filling the coffee machine with water and has a permanent place in my kitchen window with a view of the bird feeders!  See them below.  You can check out her other work at www.


Cups II

Hi, glad you found my blog. And a Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you! The only time I celebrate my Irish heritage, 🍀🍀.

As I sit here in Richmond VA, taking a break from the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I am missing my studio.  Visions of sugarplums dancing in my head, my brain is full of designs that I have great intention of creating!! In the meantime I can share another cup or two.  Nothing new to my present followers,  A sampling of Hand Painted.



Pears were a favorite last summer. They are hand painted on porcelain, a few different orientation of Pears. I will return to these for this summer, maybe Bosc Pears?




Crab cups, another design I have had calls for. Recently I have done Red ones. Here they are too.

Forgive my simple site right now. After my return home I can have more choices when I am at my main computer. In the meantime I missed our last big storm and enjoying sandal weather in the East. 😂😜  Talk at you later!




Beach Poppy Series


Emerald Leaf Series

Cups are a staple in the functional  kitchen ware. I have several patterns that I keep in the line.

Beach Poppy: My imagination designed a simple splattered tan/brown background glaze, with a orange/red poppy blooming on a deserted beach.

Emerald Leaf: is a leaf design slip trailed thru the piece. A green matt glaze with a over spray of gloss glaze, resulting in a satin  and shiny glaze with crystals of blue & sometimes lavender shining thru. This color is easy on the eyes and will compliment any kitchen.


A New Transitions

Hey There, so glad you found my blog, a new transition from my Facebook page. I have been making product in my home studio, sharing new items on facebook with comments from viewers like you.  


Birch Tree Series, Winter Snow

This is a shot of my Birch Tree series, Winter Snow.  It was highly popular last winter.  

I will be transistioning over here from my other site, ( Hopefully I will be able to share some interest in the pottery world.  I also have a Etsy shop, www.   Stay tuned