The end of a year in Pottery

December already.  I don’t mean to sound like a broken records here. (Millennials won’t know what I am talking about here, maybe their grandmother said that off and on).  It seems every blog I am saying: how did it get to be this date, this month, this year, etc.

Well 2018 is not over yet.  I have one more show this weekend and it is the end of shows for me until spring.  I have had a very good run with the many shows I have been so fortunate to be a part of.  My newest show adventure was the Bainbridge Island WA Studio Tours.  2 tours, Summer and Winter.  They were both very great locations and lots of activity.  I will plan on going again next season.

In the meantime, my last show I mention is in Chimacum WA, a very long running holiday show second weekend in Dec .   Saturday Dec 8,  & Sunday Dec 9   10am–4pm.

Chimacum High School,  91 West Valley RD. Chimacum WA. 98325

After all that,  I will be spending the winter designing new products and designs.  Any suggestions you would like to offer?  I am all ears, or excuse me, all eyes!

I thank all of you who support me by keeping me busy, who  come and find me at various shows, and I get some of my best ideas from you.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy  Hanukkah,  And Happy New Year

Keep safe in your travels.


Side Door Pottery



No, it can’t have been June since I last talked to you?  Yes it was, darn, things have been so busy the months just fly away before my eyes.  Also being retired is like every day is Saturday.  No job?  I  do have a job, one that I love.  I can’t seem to make my pottery fast enough, so I get behind with things like this blog, getting orders completed and starting new designs.  For those who may have looked for me at the Farmers Market this year, I pullout out of that one so I could have more time to create.    I have competed in a few cup shows and have resulted in selling the entries, and no return shipment needed.  I have a few more shows coming up.  I will share them with you soon, but my next show is coming up next weekend Oct 20-21st.  Here is the info, and a few new pictures.


SAT-SUN  OCT 20-21~.  10AM-4PM












I have been so engrossed in making product, I have been neglecting you all with newsy posts.  A year ago I was invited to join my daughter & granddaughter on a educational tour of Belize.  It was in the works all year and now it is time to go.  Having spent the winter testing new products & experiments. The past few weeks have been getting things thrown, decorated & bisque fired in prep for my return home from the most awesome vacation.  It will be time to finish work started for my first summer show in three weeks time.  For locals: Grapeview Water & Arts Festival at Grapeview Marina, Near Allyn WA. I will post more info later on.  I am posting a few new pieces and colors that I have been experimenting with.  Comments greatly appreciated,

I am in Raleigh NC, joining up with relatives,  with a flight tomorrow to Atlanta and from there on to Belize.  I hope to gather some inspiration for new pieces.  Till next time……..



Fall Back

Fall back? What the heck. What happened to September & October?   So sorry, had a few shows,  getting behind in my creating.  Lost track of time, excuses, excuses!

This cup was selected for the Cups in Common cup show, Charlotte N.C . Juried in by juror Linda Arbuckle.  I am so honored.   The cup has sold.  I am taking orders for these  cups.  Message me.




August already!  I am sounding like a broken record.  As much as I enjoy summer, it is going by like a blurrrrrr,

Next up in my schedule of shows:  Summer Art Show & Sale.  A local show here in Kitsap Co, that I have been honored to be included the past few years.    If you saw me there last year, it is going to be a  larger show this year with many added artists.  This is a wonderful Garden show with something for everyone.  I will be posting new pieces as they come out of the kiln.  For now my Birch Tree Cup featuring Robins adorns this flyer.

Anna Show, Save-the-Date-SASS17



Kiln opening

Here are a few items from my latest firing: People ask me to see products after firing, here are a few before and after.  A few selection of what I will have at Grapeview Water & Arts Festival this coming Saturday, July 29.  Fair Harbor Marina, Grapeview, WA.  I will have much more at the show,  Come on out and enjoy a great festival, there is something for everyone.

Grapeview Water & Art Festival

  • Saturday, July 29, 2017
  • 10:00am until 4:00pm
  • Fair Harbor Marina





Farmers Market

For those following me at the Farmers Market, I am taking the rest of July off, to catch up on lax time.  I was not in my studio while I was enjoying the July 4 events and family visits.  My daughter & family arrived from North Carolina the end of June.  She hasn’t been back to Puget Sound in a number of years and I was so enjoying her company, our touring, and the kids playing in the lake.  Then July brought more family members for our annual celebration.  Ok that is the excuse,  I am back to work now and will be catching up in time to show at Grapeview.

Grapeview Water & Art Festival

  • Saturday, July 29, 2017
  • 10:00am until 4:00pm
  • Fair Harbor Marina



July already and a few days from the 4th.  A house full of family and good times.  Happy to see that the 4th promises to be a warm, sunny celebration here in the Pacific Northwest.  Having lived a few years where summer started July 5th,  we have been living the good life the past few 4th’s, and summers to write home about.  This year will be a great one too.  I have been on the move and pottery has been on the back burner, family does come first.  Mine is spread out all over the country and this holiday is time when we all get back together again and enjoy each other and time on the lake.

I have a few things in the works tho.  Here are a few things under construction for future Markets and Shows coming up.


To Market To Market . . . . .

Well, here it is mid May and I am finally getting myself off to the Farmers Market.  That would be Port Orchard Farmers Market, Port Orchard, WA.  It is my first one this year due to the rainiest spring we have had in a few.   I have a few new pieces to present.  Bee Design has been captivating me as of late.   Here are a few pics.

Sneek Peek

Sneek Peek, ‘Meanwhile, down on the Farm’ series.  A new piggie ‘Oui Oui’. This time adding sky an clouds.  For some reason I can not paint on one side of Mug, or any piece for that matter,  and leave the rest of the piece blank.  There has to be a story in my pieces.  In this case he is surrounded by fluffy clouds on a clear warm spring day, enjoying him/her self. (you be the judge) 🙂

A second Lamb, Talking to herself Baa, Baa,  in the same pasture, hoping she gets her shearing soon, for a cool summer to come.  I could not make this one look like my first Lamb.  Such as it is in hand painting, I can’t seem to do the same design twice.  That makes it one of a kind.  Hope you enjoy