Hi there I am so glad you found my website

This is a new webpage I am trying out, What do you think? It is the same Side Door Pottery with including me! I still have my facebook.com/SideDoorPottery. I have to admit that I have ignored that site too. Facebook isn’t that friendly anymore, I try to put a few pictures once in a while when doing a show, if I don’t forget. Making pottery can be a full time job,

I will be blogging again and hopefully you will follow me there. Stay tuned and I believe when I publish anyone who has saved my site will see the new additions, Thank you so much for checking in with me today,

9 thoughts

  1. Hi Linda,

    Web page looks great and I am sure it’s lots of work…….as much as doing the pottery and maybe not as fun. Love checking out your work and seeing what’s new for the season. Good luck this year and take care!! Nadine


    • Thank you Nadine, yes I am not good at keeping it up. I am due a blog post. I start out with good intentions and something always interrupts me. I hope you will get the updates automatically, not sure if that is how people see it. I will be sending it our thru MailChimp soon Thank you!


    • Hi, I remember the order and I don’t know what happened, I emailed you once but it came back to me. I probably typed it in wrong. I have a couple of summer now, I will be starting fall and winter soon. I will put you down for each. If you make it to grapeview I may still have a summer one. If not I will make it for you.


    • Hi Andriene, I replied to you but not sure you got it so her I go again. I have started making your season mugs. Working on Summer and Fall right now. Will contact when they are final fired. Also working on another Birch Tree Tray you asked about.


      • Hi again Andriene, sorry to be such a pest, Did you ask me about the birch tree tray? If so wondering if you want the same season? Summer, or would you prefer another season. I have lost track of that email.
        if it isn’t you please let me know.
        Side Door Pottery


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